Essential Oil Myths (Master List)

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Undiluted (neat) use

Applying undiluted oils to the spine

Use on infants/children

Use in pregnancy


EO Claims

Petrochemical weight loss protocol

Essential oils as a preventative (detox, immune support, etc.)

Applying oils to feet

Frankincense and cancer

SPF claims


Marketing Shenanigans

Only Company X has pure oils

FDA regulations and purity

Therapeutic grade

Cost of MLM oils

ZYTO Compass

Essential oils in bible times

Hospital use of essential oils

Blanket recommendations

French vs. British (vs. German) “schools”


Adverse Reactions


Disliking a scent

Side effects

Allergic reactions


EO Chemistry

Life blood of the plant

Cell oxygenation

Lavender and gynecomastia

Expiration dates

First, second, third distillation


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